Electronic Combo

VC 3500

World-class design with your profits in mind!
The VC3500 is packed with features and has a surprisingly low price. Equipped with a large, easy-to-read 2-line, 20 character VFD display that is completely programmable, not to mention the Braille equipped telephone style keypad, the ease of use cannot be compared to anything else on the market.

For the operator, the specially designed trays can be tilted or pulled completely out for stocking and servicing without worrying about a wire harness - they're modular! Dual spirals are standard in two trays and the over-sized push door lets the VC3500 assist in vending bottles, cans and refrigerated foods of all kinds. Rounded out by the locking coin box, the vend detection system, a sturdy all steel design and reliable theft precautions; the VC3500 also comes with health and safety features.

72" (180 cm) H
33" (84 cm) W
37" (93 cm) D
344 snack
Shipping Weight:
728 lbs. (236 kg)
Power Requirements:
115 VAC 12 Amps

Elite Series Vending

An affordable and profitable way to provide snacks and pop to any location

SS 4000

Vend Anywhere!
Open new location possibilities with these revolutionary space saving vendors. The SS4000 Combo and SS2000 Snack vendors are easy to operate and maintain with product capacity to meet a large demand in limited space locations. These units feature fully electronic, modern design with LED display, vend sales history and many more technological capabilities. The rugged double-wall construction assures a long, productive, trouble-free service life.
55" (140 cm)H
31" (79 cm)W 
24" (51 cm)D
Snack (as shown) 205 items
Soda (as shown) 104 items
Power Requirements:
115 VAC 12 Amps
Shipping Weight:
464 lbs. (210 kg)

VS 3800

Victory Series Electronic Vendors
Electronically programmable to maximize vendible products. The Victory Series ensures the correct space-to-sales for each specific location. And the simple, user-friendly features unique to the Victory Series mean improved satisfaction for your customers.

Our Victory Series offers the largest capacity in its class, features custom selection pricing, convertible shelving and an electronic controller with LED display. All metal product trays tilt 30 degrees for simplified servicing and T-Handle Locks provide maximum security. The Victory Series provides a touch of elegance to your locations.

The VC3800 Combination Vendor vends 8 selections of most bottles up to 20 oz. or cans.

72" (1829mm) H
36" (914mm)W
28" (711mm)D
450 snack
240 soda
Shipping Weight:
609 lbs (276kg)